Restaurant Equipment Workout Appraisals are tools used by banks, lenders & landlords to qualify what exactly is collateral for a loan or potential recovery of a rented space. The amount of items in a restaurant can be overwhelming. Refrigeration, Hoods, Fryers, FF&E, and the list goes on. See why Truman Mox is the premier appraiser in the industry.

Our Experience in Restaurant Equipment Workout Appraisals

Truman Mox has over a decade of experience in working with numerous restaurant groups in handling the value of their restaurant equipment. While a new loan origination may focus more on Fair Market Values and Orderly Liquidation Values. Workout situations often focus on both Orderly Liquidation Values and Forced Liquidation Values.

Understanding the maximum you could potentially recover is vital. Truman Mox understands wear and tear on restaurant equipment versus lightly used and can help you realize higher values on certain pieces of equipment while identifying pieces that may not yield higher values.

Landlord Workout Situations

Truman Mox can assist landlords in appraising your tenant’s abandoned restaurant equipment and guide you on how to apply the value of the equipment on a new tenant’s lease.

Lender Workout Situations

Truman Mox can assist lenders with the best options to recover funds from a delinquent restaurant’s assets. From liquidation advice to future tenant’s additional rent structure.

See why we are experts when it comes to Restaurant Equipment Appraisals

We have worked with all major brands including Captive Air, Hoshizaki, Vulcan, Southbend, TRUE, Beverage Air, and in addition to members of the National Restaurant Association.

Our decade-long restaurant experience also allows us to identify potential opportunities for equipment that may not have been thought to have value.

Call Truman Mox today to identify the best Restaurant Equipment Appraisal for your company. We have analyzed Full Service Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants, Bars, Casual Dining, and more!

May 9, 2020 5:20 pm

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