Many times a situation may arise that you might be asked a question like what is the worth of your food processing equipment, it can be asked by any company or bank. At that time telling the book value is not right as it is not present the accurate worth of your food processing equipment. The question is asked to know the real and accurate value that can be verified.

To know the real and accurate value of your food processing equipment, it is very important to hire a certified appraiser who will conduct the audit of commercial food processing equipment. You can always approach Truman Mox for the appraisal as it is nationally recognized third party valuation firm and you can totally rely on it for the commercial food processing equipment appraisal, business valuation, and inventory audit. Truman Mox has gained reputation because their services are reliable and accurate. So if you want the professional valuation of your food processing equipment you can count on Truman Mox.

When you want to know the appraisal of your food processing equipment, an audit will be conducted by an appraiser. Audit means inspection and quality check of the equipment.

The audit is a detailed process that involves management of your food processing equipment along with maintenance and upgradation of the equipment. We also check that hygiene is kept intact and all the requirements on the checklists are fulfilled. As a reliable commercial food processing equipment appraiser, we ensure 100 percent quality assurance and risk management to minimize accidents.

The food processing equipment appraisal done by us is compliant with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). We ensure that our appraisal will meet all the requirements of financial institutions, federal examiners, IRS, buyers and sellers, partners and shareholders.

Food processing equipment appraisal reports are of two types:

Field Appraisal Report

Field appraisal report includes on-site inspection by our appraiser and this report is utilized for estimating the value of food processing equipment. The appraisal report also has on-site inspection details and photographs. This report is compliant with USPAP and reports express the value as a single figure for each tangible asset valued and the aggregate is reported as a single number

Desktop Appraisal report

This appraisal report also determines the value of the commercial food processing equipment but it does not include on-site inspection and any other details like the condition of the equipment. You just need to send a picture and a brief description of the equipment and the value is provided to you based on that information

Food processing equipment appraisal certificate obtained from us can be used for:

• Financing and SBA lending

• Equipment and business sales

• Financial reporting

• Merger and acquisitions

• Business valuation

• Insurance documentation

• Bankruptcy

• Divorce and estate settlements

• Donations and various other reasons

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