Do you need a restaurant equipment appraisal? Looking for the best service US? Then, you are at the right place. We, at Truman Mox, are the premier Restaurant Equipment AppraiserĀ in the United States specializing in multi-unit and branch concept as well as individual independent restaurants. If you want an absolutely accurate, irrefutable and defensible value for your restaurant machinery and equipment, we are there at your service.

This is the time of modern technology and the restaurant business is not devoid of developments in the equipment. Starting from your refrigerators to dishwashers, your stoves to portable steam tables or any other most updated equipment, we provide appraisal for all of them. Our appraisal procedure is a comprehensive one that includes every aspect starting from audit to the cost determination. Whether it is the financial reporting, asset inventorying or buy-sell situation, we are there for you.

All our reports are compliant with Uniform Standards of Professional appraisal Practice (USPAP). We have well-trained and highly experienced team who execute the appraisal procedure and prepare the report that is assembled and reviewed by an accredited Appraiser (CMEA). We guarantee that our restaurant equipment appraisals will meet all the requirement of financial institutions, federal examiners, Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), IRS, buyers and sellers, shareholders and partners. As the leading Restaurant Equipment AppraiserĀ in the United States, all the appraisal needs for your restaurant are met in a timely and accurate fashion.

Our audit is an elaborate process that involves management of your restaurant equipment with the maintenance and upgradation of the same. We make sure that the hygiene is kept intact and all the needs of the checklist are fulfilled. As the most reliable Restaurant Equipment AppraiserĀ in US, we take care of 100% quality assurance and risk management to minimize accidents.

After the assurance of quality, we make the financial report and the inventory of assets is prepared when required. This is when we start the cost determination for the machinery as well as buy-sell situation. The main issue that we always keep in mind is the ruling market cost. If the equipment is upgraded and cost enhances, the cost for the entire setting will enhance including buy-sell situation. But if this becomes higher than the leading costs in market, service will be reduced. To ensure that no such things arise for your restaurant, we always keep a track on the market trends. Thus, if you want an appraisal for your restaurant equipment to for a buy-sell situation, just get in touch with us to grab the best.

June 30, 2016 12:00 am

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