Massachusetts Machinery and Equipment appraisal services

Accurate Massachusetts machinery and equipment appraisal services

Truman Mox Provides Accurate and Reliable  Machinery and Equipment Appraisals in Massachusetts for Banks and Business Owners.

we are the leading third-party equipment appraisal company in massachusetts

Truman Mox parters with Massachusset banks and businesses in numerous industries. Whether your industry is healthcare, construction, restaurant, agriculture or transportation. You are guaranteed to recieve a USPAP appraisal report that is prepared by a Certified Equipment Appraiser.

reasons for an equipment appraisal

  1. Collateral – Banks need to know the value of their collateral. Whether they are performing a loan for their own loan portfolio or applying for an SBA Guaranty (7A or 504). The equipment appraisal process is important to document all aspects of the collateral. 
  2. Cost Accounting – The allocation of assets with an accurate appraisal allows a business to accurately start its depreciation schedules. 
  3. Buy-Sell Scenario – Whether a buyer or seller of a company. Obtaining accurate Fair Market Values on the Machinery and Equipment allows all parties a sense of comfort during the transaction. This appraisal then may be potentially used for loan, insurance, or cost accounting reasons.
  4. Partner Dissolutions – Allows both parties to equitably divide the value of the property accordingly. 

what our appraisal services include

We offer several options for our clients and their needs. 

1. A desktop appraisal will allow all parties to potentially save on time and cost. A desktop appraisal requires the client to submit information in regard to make, model, serial number, usage, and other factors. Photographs maybe asked by our appraiser as well. 

2. On-Site appraisal requires the appraiser to visit the equipment location. They will collect all the necessary data and obtain photographs. 

how our equipment appraisal services in massachusetts work

Step 1: Request an Appraisal 

Need an equipment appraisal in Florida? Contact us today to schedule your service. We’ll review our appraisal process in more detail and help determine how we can best help you. 

Step 2: A Data-Driven Approach 

Our certified equipment appraisers will conduct a thorough inspection of your equipment. We will also review factors such as market data, cost-less depreciation, and the income you can expect to derive from your new equipment. 

Step 3: Final Report

After completing our analysis, we’ll provide a comprehensive and detailed report. Our report will include our appraisal findings, supporting data, and photos. Contact our team today to schedule your initial consultation. 

Massachusetts Equipment
We Work In All Industries from Construction,Medical, Hospitality and more

client comments

“Truman Mox visited our site in a timely fashion and provided great insights into the market. They were informative and provided a an equipment appraisal that met the satisfaction of our auditors”       – Tom R. of Springfield, MA.

The trusted equipment appraiser in massachusetts

Truman Mox brings over a decade of experience in the machinery and equipment appraisal process. We are nationally recognized and work with all banks and business owners across Massachusetts. We service Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Pittsfield, and all surrounding areas.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you and answer your questions.