Truman Mox recently completed a medical equipment appraisal assignment appraising over 200 pieces of medical equipment and FF&E for an independent hospital that is merging with a larger counterpart.

Mergers of smaller hospitals with larger hospitals will become more common place in the next few years as health care costs continue to rise and small independent hospitals are finding it harder to provide quality healthcare while they prepare for changes in the way hospitals will be reimbursed by the federal and commercial insurers.

Truman Mox is able to play an important role in the merger process by appraising the medical equipment that is being acquired during the transition. This ensures that the balance sheet and depreciation schedules are accurate and necessary changes can be instituted to properly reflect the equipment values on the balance sheet.

During a merger or acquisition of a hospital, skilled nursing or assisted living facility, the equipment being inherited plays a vital role. Understanding age, condition and value will allow the other party to properly understand and verify the value of the expected medical equipment.

Whether a hospital, assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility, you can be assured that Truman Mox can provide the necessary medical equipment and FF&E appraisals to ensure all parties and values are being represented properly.

July 19, 2012 12:00 am

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