Many times we are contacted to appraise the equipment of a golf course operation. From appraisal of golf carts, landscaping equipment and incidentals. These can add up to big numbers. Many banks and liquidation firms must also identify the value to a POS System and inventory. Virtually anything from a gold driving range retriever to a flag stick has value. 

Technology has evolved in many industries and the golf course industry has seen its fair share of technology enhancements. POS Systems, Inventory Systems, high tech golf carts all drive value up. 

Whether a bank is looking for a Fair Market Value for lending purposes, or a liquidation value for loan workout purposes. Truman Mox has you covered. We have an extensive experience in the valuation and appraisal of Golf Course Equipment. 

In many instances we are called upon to perform an appraisal on golf course equipment for the purposes of a buy/sell situation. Establishing a value on the assets of golf course is key in any transaction. 

Whether a private club or a public course, Truman Mox can handle all your golf course appraisal needs.

As usual, traveling to your assignment is never an issue. Please call us today for a free evaluation of your needs 


April 14, 2016 12:00 am

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