Truman Mox is your leading Equipment Appraiser in Oregon. Knowing the worth of your equipment is paramount. Whether it’s for securing a loan, facilitating a buy-sell transaction, navigating loan workouts, or ensuring adequate insurance coverage, a precise equipment appraisal lays the foundation for informed decision-making. Here’s why and how Oregonians can benefit from professional equipment appraisals across various industries.

Understanding the Need for an Equipment Appraisal in Oregon:

1. Collateral for Lending:

Securing financing for expansion, upgrades, or operational needs often requires collateral. Financial institutions and lenders typically require a valuation of equipment to assess risk accurately. An appraisal report that reflects the fair market value of equipment adds credibility to loan applications, increasing the likelihood of approval. Our Certified Appraisers work with the SBA, CDC’s and numerous lenders.

2. Buy-Sell Scenarios:

In buy-sell transactions, both buyers and sellers seek fair deals. An equipment appraisal provides clarity and transparency, ensuring negotiations are based on reliable figures. Accurate valuations help in setting competitive prices, expediting sales, and avoiding disputes over the true worth of assets.

3. Loan Workouts:

During financial restructuring or distress, lenders and borrowers engage in loan workouts to resolve delinquent loans. Knowing the precise value of equipment assists in restructuring agreements by determining viable options such as refinancing, asset liquidation, or debt forgiveness.

4. Insurance Purposes:

Insurance coverage should reflect the replacement cost of equipment to mitigate risks adequately. Appraisals establish the current value of assets, enabling businesses to procure appropriate insurance policies. In the event of damage, loss, or theft, accurate valuations streamline the claims process, ensuring prompt reimbursement.

Types of Equipment Appraised for an Equipment Appraisal in Oregon:

1. Construction Equipment Appraisal in Oregon:

From excavators to cranes, the construction industry relies on a diverse range of equipment. Appraisals encompass heavy machinery, tools, and vehicles, providing insights into depreciation, usage patterns, and market trends.

2. Machinery:

Manufacturing facilities in Oregon leverage various machinery for production. Equipment appraisals evaluate the condition, functionality, and technological relevance of machinery, aiding in strategic asset management and investment decisions.

3. Food Processing Equipment Appraisal in Oregon:

Oregon’s thriving food processing sector demands specialized equipment for production and packaging. Appraisals of food processing machinery consider factors such as hygiene standards, compliance with regulations, and industry demand.

4. Medical Equipment:

Healthcare facilities across Oregon rely on advanced medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Appraisals of medical devices ensure compliance with regulatory standards, assess technological obsolescence and support budgeting for equipment upgrades.

5. Restaurant Equipment:

From commercial ovens to refrigeration units, restaurant equipment plays a crucial role in culinary operations. Appraisals help restaurant owners determine the value of assets for financial reporting, lease negotiations, and business valuation.

6. Everything Else:

Beyond specific industries, equipment appraisers in Oregon evaluate a wide array of assets, including office furniture, IT infrastructure, agricultural machinery, and transportation vehicles. Regardless of the sector, a thorough appraisal provides clarity and confidence in asset management decisions.


In Oregon’s bustling cities and scenic landscapes, accurate equipment appraisals are indispensable for navigating the intricacies of modern business. Whether you’re in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Bend, or Medford, the value of professional appraisals extends across industries, from construction to healthcare and beyond. By partnering with experienced appraisers, businesses throughout Oregon can confidently unlock the true value of their assets, paving the way for informed decisions, strategic growth, and lasting success in today’s competitive market.

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April 15, 2024 8:50 pm

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