Dental Equipment Appraisals

We have seen an uptick on Dental Equipment Appraisals. Is the current COVID-19 Pandemic the reasoning behind the influx of Dental Equipment Appraisals? Most of the deals crossing our desk are for bad loan workout situations where the dental practice has gone delinquent on their loan.

Most dental practices have seen a decrease in patient traffic. Less cleanings and procedures are forcing dental practices to cut corners through reduced labor and minimizing supply purchases. When all else fails they are forced to become delinquent on their loans with their banks or financial institutions.

Many dental practices are financed through SBA 504 loans or SBA 7a Loans, and the assets of the dental practice were taken as collateral, thus triggering a physical appraisal to meet requirements of a bad loan.

Truman Mox, Inc has the expertise to appraise all dental equipment. Knowing the secondary liquidation market is vital to ensure an accurate values are assessed during the appraisal process. Whether an orthodontic practice, dental practice, or periodontist practice we are able to analyze all their assets accurately using our experience.

Whether an Periapical, Panoramic X-Ray Machine, dental chairs, data centers, grinders, autoclaves. Our knowledge of the typical assets of a dental practice is reasoning enough to give us a call.

Contact the experts at Truman Mox, Inc today to discuss your dental equipment appraisal needs.

June 16, 2020 12:28 am

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