Where is the demand for Agricultural Equipment headed? Here at Truman Mox we are seeing the demand for Agricultural Equipment stays steady as supply increases.

The Midwest states of Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia are seeing record dry spells. Various news organizations are reporting that more and more farmers are selling off equipment to sustain operations for an expected poor crop season.

So what is this doing to the Agricultural Equipment Market? Unfortunately, values of Ag equipment are taking a small hit. While we have not seen a flood of used ag equipment hit the salesroom floors, the supply of used agricultural equipment has increased slightly.

Fortunately, industry experts don’t anticipate this slight hit on value to last long as the equipment is being snagged up quickly by cash heavy agricultural operations that are looking to acquire ag equipment at favorable prices.

Truman Mox has appraised and evaluated hundreds of agricultural pieces of equipment and can provide accurate equipment appraisals using our industry experience and knowledge. As an equipment and machinery appraiser, we grasp ag equipment values using all our available contacts and industry experience.

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July 27, 2012 12:00 am

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