Appraisal of a CNC Machine Shop

A bank client contacted us to provide an Appraisal for a CNC Machine Shop. The Machine Shop fabricates large metal pieces for numerous industries including the Foundry and Steel Industries. They manufacture everything from large Heat Exchangers, Electrolytic Cleaning Tanks to Custom Crushers.

The Bank’s client was purchasing the business and our client needed a machinery appraisal. The machinery appraisal is being used to support the value of a loan as the Equipment was being pledged as collateral.

Their shop was about 50,000 square feet and housed over a dozen machines. From Mazaks and Haas Machining Centers, Grinders, Overhead Hoists, Presses, and 3 Vertical Boring Mills. An entire welding department occupied over 10,000 square feet of the shop. We also viewed a Paint Booth, Inspection Room, and Offices. Lastly, we viewed several tow motors and trucks.

We spent about a day site photographing each item and building a detailed asset list.

Truman Mox, Inc was able to identify a property Fair Market Value on each item. We contacted a number of manufacturers and dealers to learn how the client’s items were trending. We analyzed the secondary market and pulled several comps of items for sale.

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April 6, 2023 7:27 pm

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