Inventory Appraisals & Audits

Truman Mox, LLC is your partner in fielding information on your client’s inventory using both Inventory Appraisals and Inventory Audits. Instead of spending overhead to send out a worker, you will save time and money by hiring Truman Mox.

Inventory Appraisals

Our Inventory Appraisals assist asset based lenders and financial institutions in understanding the true value of their collateral. Perfect for distressed circumstances, we provide accurate opinions of value based on Fair Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value and Forced Liquidation Value. Whether your client is in retail, auto sales or raw materials, we have the experience and knowledge to provide accurate values.

Inventory Audits

Our Inventory Audits assist asset based lenders, financial institutions and business owners in verifying inventory records. Whether on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or a one time basis, you can rest assured our Audit team will accurately verify all inventory on site.

Inventory is a valuable asset and often used as collateral for working capital. With examiners and credit officers relying more on protective loan covenants, we see more and more financial institutions delegating an entire work teams to audit their clients. Now save man power and time by hiring Truman Mox.

Reasons For Inventory Appraisals & Audits

  • Loan Covenant Requirements
  • Obtain Working Capital
  • CPA Reviewed & Audited Statements
  • Collateral Verification
  • Insurance Coverage Reasons

We service the entire United States and assignments of all size. Contact us today for a free a quote.